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How to Replace Garage Door Torsion Springs - Infinity Garage Door

How to Replace Garage Door Torsion Springs – Step-By-Step Guide

When it comes to maintaining your garage door, one of the most critical components to keep an eye on is the torsion springs. These springs are vital for the smooth operation of your garage door. In Austin, TX, where the weather can vary widely, ensuring your garage door torsion springs are in good working order is essential for your home’s security and functionality. Infinity Garage Door – Austin Garage Door Repair offers you a simple guide to replacing your garage door torsion springs, highlighting the importance of safety and precision in this task.

What Are Garage Door Torsion Springs?

Torsion springs are tightly wound coils designed to balance the weight of a garage door. When the door is moved, the springs unwind and provide the force needed to assist in lifting the door. Over time, these springs can wear out and may need replacing to keep your garage door running smoothly.

Step-by-Step Guide to Replacing Torsion Springs

  • Safety First: Always disconnect the power to your garage door opener and clamp the door to the track to prevent it from moving.
  • Gather Tools: You’ll need winding bars, a wrench set, and a ladder.
  • Unwind Old Springs: Insert the winding bar into the winding cone and slowly unwind the spring.
  • Remove Hardware: Take off the springs, cables, and bottom brackets.
  • Install New Springs: Slide the new springs onto the torsion tube, reinstall the cable drums, and reconnect the cables.
  • Wind New Springs: Use the winding bars to wind the new springs.
  • Test the Door: Once everything is installed, carefully test the door to ensure it’s balanced and operating smoothly.

Table: Torsion Spring Replacement Steps

Step Details & Safety Tips
Preparation Disconnect power and clamp the door to prevent unexpected movement.
Unwinding Slowly unwind the old springs with sturdy winding bars for a safe grip.
Removal Remove old springs and hardware, making sure to keep track of all parts.
Installation Install new springs and hardware, ensuring all parts are securely in place.
Winding Wind new springs carefully and methodically to avoid any potential injury.
Testing Test the garage door to confirm it moves smoothly and safely after the procedure.

Why Choose Infinity Garage Door – Austin Garage Door Repair?

At Infinity Garage Door, we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing Austin homeowners with the highest quality service. Replacing torsion springs can be complex and dangerous if not done correctly. That’s why our team of experienced technicians is equipped to handle the job safely and efficiently, ensuring your garage door functions perfectly.

In addition to our replacement services, we offer comprehensive inspections and maintenance to prevent future issues with your garage door. With Infinity Garage Door Repair Austin, you’re not just getting a repair service; you’re getting peace of mind knowing that your garage door is in the hands of professionals who care about your safety and satisfaction.


How long does it take to replace garage door springs?

Replacing garage door springs can vary in time, but typically, a professional technician can complete the task within 30 minutes to an hour. This time frame can extend if issues arise, such as rusted components or a need for additional adjustments to ensure the garage door’s balance and functionality.

How to replace old style garage door springs?

To replace old-style garage door springs, you must first secure the garage door in place to relieve tension on the springs. Then, carefully detach the springs from the garage door system, ensuring to keep track of all components. Replace the old springs with new ones compatible with your garage door model, and then reassemble the parts, testing the door to ensure it operates smoothly.

What are the signs that garage door springs need replacing?

Signs that your garage door springs need replacing include noticeable gaps in the spring coil, a garage door that falls too quickly when closing, or one that struggles to open or close. Additionally, if you hear loud noises during operation or the door appears uneven during movement, it’s likely time for a spring replacement.

Is it safe to replace garage door torsion springs yourself?

Replacing garage door torsion springs can be very dangerous due to the high tension they’re under. It is generally recommended to have a professional with the proper tools and experience handle the replacement to avoid personal injury or damage to property.

Can I replace just one garage door spring or should I replace both?

It is often recommended to replace both garage door springs at the same time, even if only one is broken. This ensures that both sides of the door lift evenly and reduces the risk of the unbroken spring failing soon after, due to similar wear and tear. Replacing both at the same time is a more cost-effective long-term solution.

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