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Why To Hire Infinity Garage Door LLC For Garage Door Repair And Installation Service?

At Infinity Garage Door LLC, our garage door repair service includes all travel and labor. The technician will visit your installation and perform an in-depth inspection to locate the problem. If it is necessary to replace any part, we will provide you with a completely free and non-binding on-site estimate so that, once accepted, we can proceed with the repair.

From our customer service team, you will have the information you need working together with you. We wanted to become even more involved in offering the best services with the highest quality, obtaining the ISO certificate exclusively for the installation, maintenance, and standard automatic doors.

Garage Door Repair

We also offer maintenance contracts:

To carry out the first maintenance contract, the following is required:

  1. A general review of the entire system to check the proper functioning of all the security elements.
  2. Once verified by an approved technician to carry out these revision and maintenance tasks that the entire system complies with the required requirements, an approval label and an information sign will be placed for the manual setting of the system and the basic standards of security. In the event that it does not meet the necessary security requirements, we will send you a report to resolve these deficiencies.
  3. The maintenance contract consists of three annual reviews to check that the entire security system is operational, and a general review.
  4. We will carry out all the repairs that arise over time with the special rates that apply to our associates with the maintenance contract.
  5. Garage door repair will be carried out within 24 hours.

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