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What are the Different Types of Garage Door Services Needed?

Despite the best quality installation and product grade, garage doors might develop problems now and then. Here are some types of garage door services that you might need, sometime or the other.

Broken spring repair and replacement

There is a loud noise when a spring breaks, and if one breaks, it is good to switch the second spring too because springs tend to have around the same amount of time before they snap. It is not safe to be around a broken spring because the other one might break.

Off track repair

Such an issue can arise due to various reasons:

  • Tracks getting loose – The vibration of your door may cause the bolts holding the tracks in place to become free.
  • Impacts and force – If your car rams into your garage door, it could knock the rollers off their tracks.
  • Lack of lubrication and filth – Lack of lubrication and accumulated dirt and grime can cause rollers to veer off course.

Do not touch the door when it goes off track. It is dangerous, because it can come off the rails and harm people near it. Keep kids away from the garage door if this happens.

It might be a good idea to call up professionals, who can help you with different types of Commercial garage door repair issues, such as Jack shaft opener issues, off track repair requirements, Opener replacement and repair needs and broken spring problems, among a wide range of other issues.

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