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Most Frequent Faults In Garage Doors:

The most frequent breakdowns in garage doors are directly related to the wear and tear of the components, often caused by lack of maintenance or improper use. Technology allows us to evolve and improve durability along with the sophistication of the mechanisms, although it is always advisable to review the installation periodically.

Garage door won’t open or close:

There are several reasons why the garage door does not open or close, so we must first check if the remote works correctly. Once we have verified that there are no missing batteries and that it works correctly, we will go on to check the receiver.

On many occasions, the receiver can fail due to a lack of power supply or because it is damaged. Once these failures have been ruled out, the garage door installation will be checked to see if there is any type of obstruction that prevents opening or closing.

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Strange noises in the engine:

A common breakdown in garage doors that do not have proper maintenance is strange noises in the motor, caused by the wear and tear of the components as they are not properly greased. It can cause some gear to shift, causing noises, rattles, and even knocks. It is inadvisable to open or close the door until the installation has been carefully checked, as the normal operation could result in a failure of your garage door motor.

The door motor sounds, but does not open or opens slowly:

This type of breakdown is the result of capacitor failure on many occasions. It does not have enough force to drive the door or it is very slow. Another option is the obstruction of some part of the door, preventing the motor from opening normally.

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