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Know About The Basic Door Revision And Maintenance Contract

If you are planning to hire a professional garage door repair service, you should know about the basic door revision and maintenance contract.

This contract model is the most suitable for communities that wish to be sure that their door will be checked periodically and, in the event of a breakdown, that the repair will be carried out by a qualified technician.

  1. In the first review, a report will be sent to the system status administrator.
  2. Three annual reviews. Revisions and repairs will be carried out within workshop hours.
  3. In this type of contract, repairs will only be carried out with prior notice from the administrator, and repair parts carried out by private users of the garage will not be attended to in order to avoid unnecessary exits.
  4. In this type of garage door installation contract, repairs will only be charged when we are notified of a breakdown.
  5. Professional companies approve personnel to repair all systems, occupational risk documentation, and civil liability insurance.

At Infinity Garage Door LLC, we offer each and every one of our clients a door and automation maintenance service of the highest quality and at an unbeatable price, very competitive, and totally adapted to the needs of our clients.

All our models have a quality guarantee, with exhaustive controls in all production phases, from initial measurements to final tests to guarantee the highest quality when installing automatic doors, manual doors, shutters, high-speed glass, and canvas doors. Get in touch with us and know more about our services.

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