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Is Maintenance Of Your Garage Door Mandatory?

The maintenance of commercial and industrial garage doors is required to have corresponding maintenance. In addition, maintenance periods must be provided by the manufacturer, to ensure proper operation during its useful life. In the event that the manufacturer does not have the maintenance periods, it will be the installation company that will provide said instructions.

Contracting a maintenance plan is not mandatory, what is mandatory is to perform maintenance on the garage door with the frequency established by the manufacturer. If the manufacturer does not establish the inspection times, the regulations themselves establish the minimum times according to the type of door, both for the residential, commercial, and industrial markets.

It is possible to find these times in the basic document on safety of use and accessibility of the technical building code. A maintenance plan for a garage door has numerous advantages since inspections can confirm that they are being up to date, they are usually cheaper and the maintenance company is in charge of all the procedures, in addition to signing the maintenance book.

What are the consequences of not performing maintenance on my door?

In addition to applying the penalties provided by law, the lack of maintenance on your garage, commercial or industrial door can lead to legal consequences. This applies to owners (individuals, communities, administrators) or holders, and the following can be interpreted:

Responsibility for damage caused by the ruin or part of it, if the cause was due to lack of repairs. It should be pointed out that the lack of repairs is due, in most cases, to not having carried out any maintenance.

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