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How To Open The Garage Door With Mobile?

For comfort, safety or to avoid the use of remote controls, at the time of garage door installation, many people ask questions about how to open the garage door with their mobile. There are different types of connections that will allow us to open the door when we approach it with our smartphone or remotely, through an application. This eliminates the need to use a garage door opener.

Its operation is simple, with a compatible receiver, USB key, or other smartphone technology, a signal is sent that activates the garage door motor. You can enter rules such as automatic closing after a few minutes or even check the history.

How do I install the system to open the garage door with the mobile?

Installation in these cases is usually simple, although it is always recommended that if you are unaware, you should seek advice from garage door specialists. An electrical connection and push button connection will be required for the garage door motor to respond. It will be necessary to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and its difficulty will depend on the type of system (receiver installation, USB key, receiver programming, etc.).

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