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Garage Door Spring Repairs & Replacements in Georgetown, TX | Infinity Garage Door

Garage door springs are a required element of a functioning garage door that keeps it working properly and safely. Garage doors are incredibly common in homes and businesses, and when springs become worn or damaged, they can be dangerous if not repaired or replaced. Fortunately, our team at Infinity Garage Door are experts at repairing and replacing broken springs. This helps ensure the safety of your property. Learn more about why these services can be so important for keeping your garage doors working properly.

Benefits of Professional Garage Door Spring Repair Services

  • Safety: Garage door springs can be incredibly dangerous if they become worn or damaged, as this could lead to a malfunctioning garage door that could come crashing down unexpectedly or cause other hazards such as broken glass or even fire danger. Getting professional Garage Door Spring repair and replacement services can help prevent these dangerous scenarios. 
  • Efficiency: Garage door springs are essential for keeping your garage door functioning properly and safely, so it’s important to get them repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Professional Garage Door Spring repair and replacement services can help ensure that your Garage doors are operating efficiently and safely. 
  • Convenience: Garage Door Spring repair services in Georgetown, TX can help save you time and hassle by coming to your home or business to repair or replace your Garage door springs quickly and effectively.

How to Tell When Your Garage Door Springs Need Replacing

Garage door springs are essential components of a Garage door that keep it functioning safely and efficiently. Unfortunately, Garage door springs can become worn or damaged over time due to frequent use or extreme weather conditions. If not taken care of, worn Garage door springs can cause dangerous Garage door malfunctions or even lead to accidents. To prevent such disasters, it’s important to know the signs that Garage door springs need to be replaced and when to call for professional Garage Door Spring repair and replacement services.

3 Signs Garage Door Springs Need Replacement:

  1. Loud Noises: Garage doors should operate smoothly and quietly when functioning properly. If you hear loud noises when opening or closing your Garage door, this could be a sign that the Garage door springs need to be replaced. 
  2. Difficulty Opening and Closing Garage Door: Garage doors should open and close easily when functioning properly. If you are having difficulty opening or closing a Garage door, this could be a sign that the Garage door springs need to be replaced. 
  3. Sagging Garage Doors: Garage door springs are designed to hold Garage doors in place and keep them from sagging or drooping. If you notice that your Garage door is sagging or hanging lower than usual, this could be a sign that the Garage door springs need to be replaced. 

If you notice any of the signs mentioned above or if your garage door is more than 10 years old, it’s important to contact an experienced Garage Door Spring Repair team in Georgetown, TX. Garage Door Spring repair and replacement services can help ensure that garage doors are functioning properly and safely, so you don’t have to worry about a Garage door malfunction or accident.

Don't DIY! Everything You Need to Know About Garage Door Spring Repair and Installation in Georgetown, TX

Garage door springs are under a lot of tension due to their function, which is why spring repairs must be left to the professionals. DIY Garage Door Spring repair or replacement can be extremely dangerous, as these springs can cause serious injuries when handled improperly. To ensure garage doors are functioning properly and safely, it’s important to contact a professional Garage Door Spring repair and installation team in Georgetown, TX.

Garage door springs are essential for keeping your Garage doors working properly and safely. If you’re in the Georgetown, TX area and need Garage Door Spring repair and replacement services, make sure to get it done by a professional for the best results. Here at Infinity our technicians are highly trained and will expertly repair or replace your springs. 

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  • Q: How long does it take to replace broken springs?
    A: It takes between forty minutes to an hour and a half to replace broken springs. The time it takes to replace them will vary depending on the size and complexity of the job. Generally speaking, the more complex the job, the longer it will take.
  • Q: I heard a loud noise from my garage door. What could be the cause?
    A: A broken garage door spring is a common cause of a loud noise. Other causes could be the roller brackets coming off the track, or the door hitting something on the way down. If you are unsure of what is causing the noise, it’s best to call a professional to take a look and fix it for you.
  • Q: What kind of spring does my garage door need?
    A: There are three types of springs used in garage door systems: extension, torsion, and pre-loaded torsion. Extension springs are the most common type, and they work by expanding and contracting as the door moves up and down. Torsion springs are mounted above the door opening and rotate as the door opens or closes; they’re usually used for heavier doors. Pre-loaded torsion springs are a combination of extension and torsion springs; they work by expanding to store energy which is then released to lift the door. Most residential garage doors will probably use an extension or torsion spring. A garage door professional will be able to determine which of these springs are required for your garage door.

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Zachary Harrison
Zachary Harrison
This was my first time having work done on my garage door. The technician that came out was Michael. He was very professional, timely, and informative. He provided the best cost effective solution for my circumstance. I was very happy with the end result and would happily use this company again.
Margaret Maynard
Margaret Maynard
We had a wonderful experience with Michael! He came to our house quickly, and was able to fix our garage door immediately. He was very kind, smart, and explained everything to us so we could understand what he was doing. We had a great experience, thank you Michael!!
Tammi Castillo
Tammi Castillo
Michael was professional and kind! He arrived on time and kept me updated throughout the process. He did an excellent job and completed it quickly. Will be using Infinity for all my garage door repairs moving forward.
Diane Strong
Diane Strong
Garage door spring broke fust adter noon. The service ream arrived on time that same day. They were very pleasant and explained the issue and the cost. Within 90 min, the door springs, and the rollers were replaced. Recommend general maintenance to the door. Highly recommend their services.
Holly Fatla
Holly Fatla
Fast service, a tech came out same day within 2 hours of calling for a repair. Super friendly and knowledgeable technician. I definitely recommend them!
Nancy Norwood
Nancy Norwood
The job I received was very professional. Jacob knew what he was doing and I felt very confident with his work. I have a new garage door opener and button inside the garage. Jacob took the time to make sure that I knew how to operate everything and is said if I had any questions to call anytime. He also help me set my phone myQ app so that I can operate the garage door wherever I happen to be if needed. I highly recommend Infinity Garage Door to anyone. I’m just very pleased and I thought the price was fair.
Margaret Deshotel
Margaret Deshotel
Another company told me that I would need to replace the whole door however Infinity Garage Door came by and fixed it in about 20 minutes and the price was great!
Benjamin Bhaskar
Benjamin Bhaskar
Service was prompt, professional and reasonably priced. Thanks for fixing my garage door guys.
Greg Edelen
Greg Edelen
Joel did a quick fix on my falling down garage door on a Sunday. Saved me. This double garage door was almost trash and hopefully I can download the before and after pictures to show my satisfaction with the job.
Dawn Oliver
Dawn Oliver
Infinity Garage Door is a company with great integrity. They have very good pricing on equipment and labor. Our service provider was outstanding!! Jacob went above and beyond to install our garage door opener and ensured our garage door was in excellent working order. Jacob explained the functions and special features of our garage door opener installed. Jacob was fast and efficient and was kind and considerate. We called about types of garage door openers, Jacob was at our home in an hour and we had a great modern garage door opener in a few hours! Infinity provided excellent pricing for very high quality work and products! I would highly recommend Infinity Garage Doors!!!

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