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Welcome to Infinity Garage Door — Austin’s Premier Choice for Fast, Reliable Garage Door Repair and Maintenance Services! Are you tired of dealing with a faulty garage door that’s affecting your daily routine? Look no further. With our same-day repair services, we can restore your garage door to peak performance today. We specialize in everything from spring replacements to opener installations, and much more.

Choose the convenience of booking your own appointment using the calendar below, or if you prefer a personal touch, give us a call at (512) 998-4556 to schedule your service. Our seasoned team is dedicated to providing you with top-notch solutions that enhance both the safety and efficiency of your garage door operations. Don’t settle for less. Contact us now to experience the best in Austin garage door services!

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At Infinity Garage Door in Austin, TX, our dedicated team of specialists is devoted to delivering the finest garage door repair services, encompassing repairs, maintenance, and complete garage door solutions. We employ cutting-edge equipment and the most advanced tools in the market to uphold the industry’s highest standards. Infinity Garage Door guarantees robust insurance coverage and warranties for all our garage door services, including the installation, repair, and maintenance of garage doors and their openers in the Austin metro area. You can rely on us to deliver dependable and efficient garage door solutions, customized to meet your specific needs and ensure your peace of mind.

Infinity Garage Door - Austin Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair and Installation

Our Services

Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority at Infinity Garage Door in Austin, TX, and it is reflected in every garage door service we provide. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and ensure your happiness with our expertise and services. The key to achieving this is by consistently delivering exceptional results for all our customers. Here is our range of garage door services that we take pride in offering to homeowners in Austin, TX, and the surrounding areas.

One of the key factors contributing to our success in serving our customers is the exceptional quality of the materials we utilize. At our garage door company, we prioritize using only the finest materials and never compromise on quality. We believe in delivering results that exceed expectations, both in terms of the craftsmanship and the materials used. When we complete a project, our customers can rest assured that they will experience outstanding quality and durability, as we employ state-of-the-art techniques and provide top-notch garage door services.

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Securing Longevity: Expert Garage Door Repair and Maintenance Services in Austin, TX

As homeowners, we understand the importance of having a reliable and secure garage door to protect your home from any unwanted intrusions. However, we also recognize that over time, wear and tear from daily use can cause damage to your garage doors, potentially leading to expensive repairs or replacements if not handled promptly. This is where Infinity Garage Door steps in, providing expert garage door repair and maintenance services designed to ensure your doors operate smoothly for years ahead.

Our team at Infinity Garage Door is proficient in repairing a diverse range of garage doors, from classic sectional designs to the latest technologically advanced models. We conduct a comprehensive inspection of the door components to spot potential issues such as worn parts or misalignment. In addition, we offer preventative maintenance to help keep your garage door in pristine condition and functioning correctly long into the future.

We’d like to remind you that while our professional maintenance services are thorough, regular DIY check-ups are still crucial to maintaining the optimal operation of your garage doors. Ensure that you regularly inspect all moving parts and fasten any loose screws or bolts. We also recommend applying lubrication to your garage door’s tracks and pulleys to safeguard against the daily wear and tear that can cause damage.

Understanding Common Garage Door Issues and Their Solutions

At Infinity Garage Door, we recognize that your garage door is a key element of your home’s security and convenience. However, daily use and the passage of time can lead to a variety of issues. Here, we’ve compiled a list of common problems and their solutions to help you keep your garage door in prime condition:

Bent Panels: Accidents happen, and one of the most common is backing into the garage door, resulting in bent panels. Our team at Infinity Garage Door promptly repairs or replaces damaged panels to ensure the door’s proper operation.

Broken Springs: Springs bear the weight of the garage door, and when they break, your door may not open or close correctly. We replace broken springs with high-quality ones, bringing back your garage door’s optimal performance.

Garage Door Off Tracks: Misalignment between the door and its track often results in the door going off track. Whether it’s due to improper installation, extreme weather, or foundational shifts in your home, we correct this issue by manually adjusting the tracks.

Snapped Cables: These can be a byproduct of misalignment or normal wear and tear. Our professionals are equipped to safely replace these cables, ensuring your garage door operates safely and efficiently.

Wear and Tear: Components such as springs, tracks, rollers, and pulleys can become worn out due to constant use. This can prevent your door from operating smoothly, potentially causing damage. We swiftly replace these worn-out parts to restore your garage door’s function.

Worn-Out Rollers: Rollers play a crucial role in the smooth operation of your garage door. When they’re worn out, the door operation may become noisy or jerky. We replace these rollers to restore quiet and smooth door operation.

If you’re facing any issues with your garage door, don’t hesitate to contact our experienced team at Infinity Garage Door. We offer a comprehensive range of repair and maintenance services in Austin, TX, ensuring your door remains secure, efficient, and reliable.

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Why Hire Us For Garage Door Services in Austin, TX?

Why choose Infinity Garage Door for your home’s garage door solutions? We can provide numerous compelling reasons why we should be your top choice whenever you encounter any issues with your garage doors or openers. Adding us to your list of trusted contractors ensures that all your home’s garage door needs are consistently met, guaranteeing your peace of mind and security.

Here are some reasons why homeowners in the Austin, TX metro area, have continued to trust us with their garage door needs:


At Infinity Garage Door, delivering top-quality service is more than a promise, it’s our way of doing business. We take pride in our reputation for excellent garage door services, a reputation built on the trust and satisfaction of our Austin community. Our client testimonials are a testament to our commitment to quality. No matter where we serve, our focus remains the same: to uphold our trusted name in excellence.


When it comes to your garage door needs, we know time is of the essence. That’s why at Infinity Garage Door, we are committed to providing fast and efficient solutions. Our quick response time, coupled with our unwavering commitment to quality, ensures your garage door issues are resolved without delay. Choose us for a hassle-free and timely service that brings your garage door back to its full functionality swiftly.


Experience professional garage door services like never before with Infinity Garage Door. We take pride in our team of seasoned experts who consistently deliver top-notch service in the Austin, TX area. Every project we undertake is driven by a commitment to exceed our client’s expectations. Whether it’s a repair, a spring replacement, or a new installation, you can count on our skilled professionals to provide customized solutions that cater to your specific needs.


Believe it or not, high-quality garage door services don’t have to break the bank. At Infinity Garage Door, we offer our Austin community a wide range of affordable garage door services. We treat your home with the respect and attention it deserves, delivering practical, budget-friendly solutions without compromising on quality. You can trust us to provide you with excellent value for your investment in our services.

What People Say About Us

Read up on what our past customers have to say about the quality of our services. Their experience when they hired us will provide a good idea of what it’s like working with our team:

Zachary Harrison
Zachary Harrison
This was my first time having work done on my garage door. The technician that came out was Michael. He was very professional, timely, and informative. He provided the best cost effective solution for my circumstance. I was very happy with the end result and would happily use this company again.
Margaret Maynard
Margaret Maynard
We had a wonderful experience with Michael! He came to our house quickly, and was able to fix our garage door immediately. He was very kind, smart, and explained everything to us so we could understand what he was doing. We had a great experience, thank you Michael!!
Tammi Castillo
Tammi Castillo
Michael was professional and kind! He arrived on time and kept me updated throughout the process. He did an excellent job and completed it quickly. Will be using Infinity for all my garage door repairs moving forward.
Diane Strong
Diane Strong
Garage door spring broke fust adter noon. The service ream arrived on time that same day. They were very pleasant and explained the issue and the cost. Within 90 min, the door springs, and the rollers were replaced. Recommend general maintenance to the door. Highly recommend their services.
Holly Fatla
Holly Fatla
Fast service, a tech came out same day within 2 hours of calling for a repair. Super friendly and knowledgeable technician. I definitely recommend them!
Nancy Norwood
Nancy Norwood
The job I received was very professional. Jacob knew what he was doing and I felt very confident with his work. I have a new garage door opener and button inside the garage. Jacob took the time to make sure that I knew how to operate everything and is said if I had any questions to call anytime. He also help me set my phone myQ app so that I can operate the garage door wherever I happen to be if needed. I highly recommend Infinity Garage Door to anyone. I’m just very pleased and I thought the price was fair.
Margaret Deshotel
Margaret Deshotel
Another company told me that I would need to replace the whole door however Infinity Garage Door came by and fixed it in about 20 minutes and the price was great!
Benjamin Bhaskar
Benjamin Bhaskar
Service was prompt, professional and reasonably priced. Thanks for fixing my garage door guys.
Greg Edelen
Greg Edelen
Joel did a quick fix on my falling down garage door on a Sunday. Saved me. This double garage door was almost trash and hopefully I can download the before and after pictures to show my satisfaction with the job.
Dawn Oliver
Dawn Oliver
Infinity Garage Door is a company with great integrity. They have very good pricing on equipment and labor. Our service provider was outstanding!! Jacob went above and beyond to install our garage door opener and ensured our garage door was in excellent working order. Jacob explained the functions and special features of our garage door opener installed. Jacob was fast and efficient and was kind and considerate. We called about types of garage door openers, Jacob was at our home in an hour and we had a great modern garage door opener in a few hours! Infinity provided excellent pricing for very high quality work and products! I would highly recommend Infinity Garage Doors!!!

The Advantages of Consistent Garage Door Maintenance

Keeping your garage door in optimal condition and ensuring its smooth operation for the long haul requires consistent maintenance. Regular upkeep helps to thwart major issues from developing and can also prolong your door’s lifespan. With Infinity Garage Door, you get to enjoy the benefits of routine garage door maintenance without the need to handle it all by yourself.

Our expert team conducts thorough inspections of your door, spots potential problems, and provides preventive maintenance to keep it operating efficiently. By routinely checking the moving parts of your door, lubricating the tracks and rollers, and checking the balance of your garage door, we aid in ensuring your garage door functions flawlessly without any significant problems or breakdowns. Prompt identification of damages allows us to implement necessary repairs or replacements as needed.

Routine garage door maintenance is the secret to maintaining your garage door’s top-notch condition. At Infinity Garage Door, we take pride in offering a wide array of services tailored to assist you in effortlessly maintaining and repairing your door.

In conclusion, garage door repair and maintenance are critical for maintaining your home’s safety, security, and efficiency. Common issues like worn-out parts or misalignment can be easily fixed with regular DIY maintenance. However, for more intricate repairs, it’s best to reach out to a professional team like Infinity Garage Door. Our extensive experience and knowledge enable us to execute the job impeccably. We’re here to ensure that your garage door functions efficiently for many years to come. Don’t wait for a major breakdown – reach out to us at Infinity Garage Door today, and let our experienced team help you keep your garage door operating smoothly!

Do you have noisy garage doors? We’ve got solutions for that too!

Here Are Some Examples Of Common Garage Door Issues That Can Occur Over Time:

Infinity Garage Door - Garage Door Bent Panels Replacement

Bent Panels

Infinity Garage Door - Broken-Spring-Replacement

Broken Spring


Garage Door Off-Tracks

Infinity Garage Door - Garage Door Won't Open

Garage Door Won't Open

Infinity Garage Door - Garage Door Won't Close

Garage Door Won't Close

Infinity Garage Door - Garage Door Making Weird Noises

Garage Door Making Weird Noises

Infinity-Garage-Door-Garage-Door-Repair and Maintenance

Sensor Misalignment

Infinity Garage Door - Garage Door Cable Replacement

Snapped Cables

Garage Door Rollers Replacement

Worn Out Rollers

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We deliver top-notch garage door services that are backed by high-quality equipment and the most advanced tools in the industry. Our commitment to exceptional customer service sets us apart as the leading garage door company in the Austin, TX Metro, and the surrounding areas. We take pride in providing superior solutions for all your garage door needs.


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Frequently asked Questions

Q: How often should I have my door serviced?

A: It’s typically recommended to have a garage door serviced every 3 to 5 years, but if you’ve been experiencing any unusual performance or problems with the door, it’s best to have it checked out as soon as possible. Garage door repair can be expensive, so it’s better to catch any small issues before they turn into big ones.

Q: Is garage door maintenance a must?

A: Yes, garage door maintenance is a must. A properly functioning garage door ensures your safety and the security of your belongings. If your garage door isn’t closing properly, the first thing you should do is check for any obstructions in the track. If there are no obstructions, then you may need to lube the rollers and hinges or adjust the door’s alignment. If that doesn’t work, then it’s probably time to call in a professional.

Q: DIY tips for keeping my garage door in good condition?

A: Tips:
Keep the tracks clean of debris and lubricated.
Ensure that the rollers are in good condition and have them replaced if necessary.
Check the balance of the door, and have it adjusted as needed.
Inspect the seals around the door to ensure they are tight and intact.
Replace broken or worn-out parts as soon as possible.

We strive to provide top-notch garage door services, equipped with the latest technology and the most advanced tools in the industry. Our commitment to quality ensures that you can expect nothing less than exceptional garage door solutions.


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