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3 Ways to Keep Your Garage Door Running Smoothly In The New Year

As a homeowner you may have a garage attached to your house. Your garage door may not have been running smoothly the past year. Every new year brings its resolutions with it. We believe one of a homeowner’s resolutions for 2023 should be maintaining their garage door with the following tips.

3 effective ways to ensure smooth operations of your garage door:

  • Check door balance: Do carry out regular checks on the garage door. Make sure it is balanced properly. To achieve this, close your garage first and then release the operator. Keep the door halfway open. Check if it is in that position. In case it shoots down or moves way up, then spring replacement is desired.
  • Lubricate hardware: While closing or opening the doors, it creates loud noises, screeching or clunking. This means, it requires lubrication. The initial things to lubricate are the hinges and rollers. For garage doors, there are easily available 3-in-1 lubricants. They are a great choice since they won’t freeze during cold months.
  • Eliminate dirt from tracks: Tracks enable the garage doors to open/close when desired. However, it might accumulate debris, dust and oil over time. They require frequent cleaning. Sweep away loose dirt. Use warm water to scrub the grease. Then using a sponge, wipe tracks properly and let it dry for some time.

Timely and proper care using the right tips and accessories will ensure the garage door operates smoothly for several years.

Happy New Years from Infinity Garage Door!

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